Max "Elbows" Schieble is a multimedia artist creating expansive narrative projects that connect across platforms such as visual art, music, film, and product. By working simultaneously in visual and sonic mediums, he strives to develop narratives that unfold and connect through the different art forms, informing each other and expanding on individual stories.

As a visual artist he has worked with the likes of Tribeca Film Festival, Complex Magazine, and PINTRILL, showcasing his versatility through editorial, product design, and branding. In 2016 he opened his first solo exhibit, At The Bottom Of The Well, at Brooklyn’s IMAGE Gallery. The two-month installation featured large-scale canvases, screen prints, and original drawings, all displaying Schieble’s vibrantly surreal aesthetic of multi-faces, legged-furniture, and dotted limbs. An original score accompanied the exhibit. His work has also appeared in Chelsea's Lyons Wier gallery, in print in Quiet Lunch Magazine, and on notable music sites such as The FADER, Pigeons & Planes, and Okayplayer.

In 2017 he released his debut EP, Corduroy. After an intensive stretch of recording sessions that saw Elbows travel back and forth between San Francisco and New York, he amassed a body of work chronicling his upbringing in the foggy Bay Area. Corduroy serves as an encapsulating introduction to this larger collection, with songs shifting from dusty boom bap beats to oafish 808s, and from jazzy guitar chops to cloudy synth beds. Throughout the array of textures and tempos, Schieble’s comfortably peculiar persona emerges through witty, yet introspective lyrics, with song topics touching on self realization, relationship standoffs, and supporting family through dark times.

Contact him for illustration, art direction, design, songwriting, music production, or ice cream parlor recommendations.