In May 2017 I released my debut EP, Corduroy. In addition to writing, singing, and producing the whole project, I also illustrated cover artwork for each song, and designed/produced a product collection. Cassettes were manufactured by FAT BEATS, and the pins were a collaboration with PINTRILL.

The project premiered on EARMILK. They said: "Bay Area born Brooklyn-based producer and songwriter Elbows (aka Max Schieble) is readying to take hip hop by storm. His beats are wondrous, combining elements of jazz, electronic and old boom bap sounds with interesting, often hilarious samples. His singing style is raspy, but cheery, taking on a fresh new persona for the genre. In addition to his musical stylings, his passions include dabbling in visual art and film, which translates well into his vast sonic landscapes and bright, colorful album art and single artwork."

This video for "Oatmeal," directed by myself and Nnamdi Simon, accompanied the release of Corduroy. premiering on Indie Current, they had this to say: "Brooklyn musician and singer-songwriter Max Schieble is Elbows, one of the borough's rising soul architects. His music is a little less obvious and a little more wayward than one might expect from soul, but that's what makes it special. It’s somewhere between BK’s Nick Hakim and Australia’s Jonti, playfully strange and recorded through a surrealist lens, often experimenting with time and space."