Cover for  Chris Turner & the DropOuts ' Love Bomb EP.
 Cover for Queens emcee, Remy Banks' debut album, higher. Photo by  Brock Fetch , illustration and direction by me.
 Cover for  Elbows ' "Flowers" single, premiered on  Indie Shuffle .
 Cover for Brooklyn-based artist/producer, Jachary's Love Me, My Hater EP.
 Cover for  Maralisa 's Sugarbird EP. Paintings by  Elly Simmons , photograph by  Ivy Meissner , art direction and design by me. 
 Cover for Boston-based jazz-funk band, The New Review's self-titled debut.
 Cover for  Connecticut emcee trio,  Northern Light 's, "Dear God 4" album.
  Cover art for Boston-based funk band,  Evolfo Doofeht 's "Mechanicals" single. They are really into mustaches, which is why the lettering is made of mustaches.
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